Lewis Muca

Lewis Muca Bio

I was born on January 26, 1930 in Pittsburg, CA to Blas Muca and Cresencia Mahinay. After I I was born, we settled in Sacramento. My father had worked various crops and my siblings and I had to go to different schools. In 1942, my Dad was fortunate in getting a job in Vallejo in the Navy shipyard.

On September 18, 1947, I took basic training in Fort Ord, CA. After three month of training, I was shipped to Korea and arrived in March 1948 assigned to 2nd battalion, 7th division. In June 1949, I received order to join the first cavalry in Japan. The outfit that I was in Korea was the 7th division and they transferred me to Hawaii, lucky me. In April 1950, after receiving order to go home, I was honorably discharged in May 4, 1950.

After my military service, I worked in various jobs starting with five years with Military Sea Transportation Service (MSTS). Worked as a cook for a year in a hospital and was file clerk and ending up with 33 years with P.A.A. First 8 years as fleet personnel and the 25 years as mechanic. I started out with $1.50 an hour in 1952 to $18.00 when I retired in 1990.

My parents who would have been 104 years old are gone along with my twin brother Ted, brother Joe, brother Jr., and sister Lolita. Living is brother Frank, sister Annie, brother Paul, sisters Connie and Rosita. In closing, I'm blessed with four wonderful children from my first wife Felipa whom I lost to cancer in 1987.

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